A Carnet or ATA-Carnet (pronounced kar-nay) is an international customs and export-import document. It is used to clear customs without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months.

‘ATA’ is an acronym of the French and English words ‘Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission’. There are 16 chambers of commerce in Norway that issues ATA Carnet, and the Bergen Chamber of Commerce is one of these.

Who can use a ATA-Carnet?

An ATA-Carnet is never required, but can be beneficial for temporary exports or boomerang freights. The advantages include cost savings, time savings and smooth foreign and U.S. customs clearance for commercial samples, professional equipment and trade show exhibits.

ATA-Carnets are accepted in 79 countries and territories around the world. New countries are added to the ATA Carnet system every year. 

An ATA carnet has a maximum validity of one year. Within this year, you can make up to 10 trips with all or part of the merchant list listed in the carnet. Oslo Chamber of Commerce is a guarantee organization for the carnet system in Norway.

Download a brochure about the ATA-Carnet here



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