Authorisation of Export Documents


Authorisation of Export Documents

A number of import countries require verification of export document information by a Chamber of Commerce before they are accepted. The Bergen Chamber of Commerce offers authorisation of export documents online. With the program eCertify you can submit your export documents to the BCC electronically. Only documents for Egypt is handled manually.

Log in to the online verification system here 


The most typical documents for verification at the Chamber are:

  • Certificate of Origin (L501)

  • Invoice/pro forma invoice

  • Company attestations, authorizations

  • Contracts, agency agreements and declarations

  • Health certificates for fish

  • Visa applications for Saudi Arabia

The Certificate of Origin L 501 is used to document the origin of the commodity during customs handling in the import country. L 501 is a universal document of origin for cases requiring proof of origin, but where there are no specific documents issued for this purpose. The certificate does not give any customs benefits.
You can download a formular for the Certificate of Origin (L501) here.

Some countries require additional verification from the embassy or consulate of the import country. We recommend our customers obtain information from the importer regarding the number of certificates that need verification and by whom, since each import country has their own regulations.

You can obtain further information about verification regulations in different counties by subscribing to the Export Handbook issued by Innovation Norway,