International Network Norway (INN) Bergen


International Network Norway (INN) Bergen - Service Center for the Bergen Region

In today’s globalised world, companies are looking for the best employees and are eager to attract international expertise. The Bergen region is no different; there is an urgent need to recruit experienced and qualified workers. However, a great job may not be enough for a successful assignment. Immigration procedures, cultural differences, family transitions and finding social networks are just some of the challenges.

Through INN Bergen we offer an introduction to the Norwegian society, social meeting places and networking. The purpose is to make the transition to a life in Norway as easy as possible for the employee while helping the new employee to be operational as quickly as possible - which is both time-saving and profitable.

INN Bergen is part of the national network INN ® - International Network of Norway. INN ® has offices in eight cities and has an overall goal to ensure that the various regions of Norway appear attractive for foreign expertise.

If you want to become part of the INN network, or do your company have relevant expertise for this network, contact Iver today!

The networking events for 2018 have been paused due to little demand.


Iver N.  Belle-Ramos
Iver N. Belle-Ramos
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