Main issues


Our main issues are:



Hordaland is Norways largest exporting county, and Western Norway is the largest export region. Therefore, our business is heavily dependent on stable framework conditions and accordingly vulnerable to major changes in taxes, valuta exchange rates, etc. Western Norway has a larger share of private sector than the rest of Norway, and for them the wealth tax is very challenging. The owners have to pay wealth taxes even this year with deficits, which has major competitive disadvantages compared to foreign owned companies.

Specific issue:

  • BCCI works for the removal of wealth tax.


Knowledge and expertise
Should our region become a winner in the future, we must attract the right competences and skills that can help the region to develop. Competence is being built from scratch, and will be transferred and further developed from one generation to the next. Therefore, a good school system with little dropout will be the cornerstone of the system, and in the secondary course it must be stimulated both for vocational and academic education. We also have experience that diversity in the business community provides increased competence and is a good instrument in integration.

Spesific issues:

  • BCCI works for measures that can reduce dropout in primary and secondary schools.

  • We work for good apprenticeship and practice in business, both for professionals and academics.

  • BCCI works for the business community to be used as the integration arena for multicultural competence.


Development of strong clusters
Clusters are built where there is competence, and our resource groups has long been the core of the region's knowledge clusters. The western coast of Norway is the region with most cluster programs (NCE / GCE), and in 2017 Media City Bergen opens. By 2016, efforts to land co-location of marine research went a long way further through a State Concept Selection. Work on establishing a health cluster at Årstadvollen is also under development.

Specific issues:

  • BCCI works to strengthen existing clusters (oil / gas, marine, maritime, tourism, media), the creation of new clusters (health and renewable) and to promote cooperation across knowledge clusters. BCCI will be a driving force in the work.


Road, city and rail
Infrastructure is the company's blood veins, and accessibility is essential for getting goods to and from the markets. In our member surveys, members emphasize that increased focus on transport is the region's most important business policy measures. From our region, in 2016, joint input was submitted to the National Transport Plan (NTP) from the municipality of Bergen, Hordaland County, Bergen Trade Council, LO Hordaland and NHO Hordaland.

Specific issue:

  • BCCI works for significantly increased funding for transport projects, and our four priority projects will enter the first part of the NTP: Freight E39 (Hordfast, Ringvei Øst og Nordhordland tunnel), Bergensbanen and E16 (K5), Sotrasambandet and Urban Environment (Bybanen).

High-end digital infrastructure
The world is getting smaller and the digital infrastructure is crucial for our businesses to succeed in global competition. Digital development with companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook entails the need for 60-70 new data storage centers in Western Europe in the next few years. Such centers create several thousand new jobs. Western Norway is very suitable for data storage with many mountains and good access to renewable energy for cooling from hydropower.

Specific measures:

  • BCCI is working for fiber development to the UK as part of the electrification of the shelf. We are also working to establish data centers in Western Norway.

The big cities are engines in the development of their region. In the efforts to create strong districts in Norway, the 5-6 largest cities in Norway should be developed even stronger to challenge and relieve the heavily pressed Oslo area. Then we will also create good one-hour regions with integrated labor markets and strong competence areas.

Specific issue:

  • BCCI works for Bergen Municipality to become a larger one-hour region, with good infrastructure for the urban areas.

Western coast region
The three counties Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane are in concrete negotiations for the establishment of a Vestlands region. Business is not occupied by municipal and county boundaries, we are more concerned with markets. For several years, we have been working on mapping different aspects of business in Western Norway, and we believe that Western Norway will gain more importance and become a more important factor in the development of Norway if we establish a region.

Specific issue:

  • BCCI works for the counties in western Norway to be gathered in a Western Norway region.


Relocation of state jobs
There are 161,000 state employees in Norway, 46,000 of whom are in Oslo. For the past 10 years, few jobs have been moved from Oslo. The government with support parties has now committed itself to establish new state jobs outside of Oslo, and a plan for this came in February 2017. The plan moves many jobs to smaller cities in Norway. Should the big city safeguard its function as a driver and engine, it is important that competence jobs are provided to the largest cities.

Specific issue:
BCCIactively works for a larger part of new state-owned workplaces to be located in the mountain region.
City and center development

Trade development is still delayed due to the long planning time. BCCI works both nationally and locally towards Bergen municipality for a quicker and more efficient treatment of planning matters. We have a central role in the editorial group of Bygg21, which has advised the municipal minister on simplification measures. Prior to the municipal elections in 2015, BCCI prepared a plan to establish 10,000 new homes in Bergen over the next 10 years (10 out of 10). This has set the agenda in the densification and urban development debate in Bergen.

Concrete issue:

  • BCCI works for the simplification of construction and construction. Locally, we work with dilution in the city center and more housing in the city center (10 out of 10).


INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENTThe business community is constantly developing and restructuring, and major restructuring is taking place in many parts of the business community in Western Norway. There are still difficult times for oil / gas, and with ripple effects for other industries. In the next few years there will also be a need for public support measures to retain the expertise and technology in our region. A large part of innovation takes place in existing companies, and here is public funding too few and too difficult to access.

Specific issues:

  • BCCI works for increased resources for conversion and innovation in existing companies, and that the instrumentation instrument is simplified. 

  • There is also a need for additional funds for suspects to receive support for a longer period of time during the start-up phase than what is happening today.


BCCI works as a bridge builder between companies, politics / management and education / research. Through our meetings, conferences and resource groups, we have a strong networking arena to offer our members. We participate in a number of business arenas to promote business issues. This includes:

- Meetings with individual companies and companies together
- Meetings with Hordalandsbenken and Rogaland Bench, committees and ministers
- Meetings with the municipality of Bergen, Hordaland county municipality, city council in Bergen, committee members and opposition politicians
- Meetings with government agencies
- Meetings with educational institutions
- Meetings with network organizations
- Meetings with industry associations in the big cities in Norway and cooperation with them