Welcome to the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is the largest trade and industry organisation in the Bergen region with more than 3000 members, representing more than 100.000 employees. 

Our role is to build relations between businesses, government, local administration and research institutes. Our vision is to promote and inspire! 


We provide:

The Bergen region has a strong and diverse business sector with world leading industries. BCCI´s role is to showcase the region’s industries. We highlight the business sector, the relevant issues for the business sector and our members, through our bimonthly magazine Samspill (Team play), with special issues for finance, renewable energy, oil & gas, and by raising points of interest through the media.

The BCCI offers the largest meeting place in the region for business people in contact with government officials, local administration, research and higher education. Here the current most important issues are raised and debated.

The BCCI constitutes a unique network among diverse industry partners and between the business sector and the surroundings.

Political influence
The BCCI sets the agenda in current trade and industry politics, through the media and contact with the political establishment.