About us


We promote and inspire!

Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is the largest industry organization in the region with over 3,000 members, which together represent more than 100,000 employees.

Our vision is to promote and inspire businesses and people to continue growth and advance their business in the future!

  • We help to ensure good growth conditions for the business community through long-term and strong local, regional and national impact.

  • We act as a bridge builder between business-life, politics and research.

  • We promote our members' interests through visibility, impact and networking.

How do we do this?

The Bergen region constitutes a strong and diverse business community with strong industries and world-leading environments. Bergen Industry Council showcases the diversity and strength of the region's business community. We showcase business, industry's most important issues, and our members through active use of social media, industry-specific print, chronicles and current issues in the media.

BCCI has the region's largest meetingplace for business and industry in contact with politics, administration, research and higher education. Here the agenda is set and debated.

BCCI is a unique network between various business actors and between business and the global world.

BCCI sets the agenda in current business policy issues, through the media and in contact with the political environment.


All our activity is characterized by our values

ProactivityBCCI sets the agenda by being active and visible. We show willingness to conduct matters and find solutions.

CourageBCCI shows a positive and committed attitude, and dares to take a stand for the best of our business region.

CredibilityBCCI does a thorough job and is commited to be regarded as a serious and honest organization. The board, the staff, resource groups and networks are all supportive in a credible chamber of commerce.